The 5 Best Wound Care Ointments and Gels

Traumeel Ointment, T-Relief, Iodosorb Gel, Medihoney Gel, and B&W Ointment for Wound Treatment and Pain Relief

Cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns can hurt like crazy and take forever to heal.

Luckily there is a variety of gels and ointments that speed healing, reduce pain, and prevent infection.

While many products exist, several stand out among the crowd for their ability to treat and soothe even the most stubborn injuries.


Traumeel Ointment and T-Relief

Traumeel ointment to reduce pain and inflammation of wounds

These ointments help heal soft tissue wounds that do not break the skin, such as bruises, swelling, and joint injuries.

Traumeel has been around for over half a century as a treatment method, and its efficacy is supported by scientific research.

T-Relief is a newer product based on the formula of Traumeel. It has higher doses of all the active ingredients in Traumeel with a few other new ingredients thrown in for good measure.

Iodosorb Gel

Iodosorb gel for wounds

Iodosorb is an advanced wound care gel used to treat open wounds, stalled wounds, and infected wounds.

The gel design provides an excellent wound healing environment while slowly releasing antibacterial iodine into the wound bed.

Iodine concentrations at the wound site suppress bacterial populations, including antibiotic resistant strains like MRSA, while leaving the body’s cells unaffected. For more information, read our review of Iodosorb Gel.

Medihoney Gel

Medihoney gel

Honey has been used in wound care for thousands of years to prevent infection and speed the healing process.

Medihoney gel works similarly to Iodosorb gel by keeping the wound bed moist and slow releasing an antibacterial agent into the wound site.

In this case, however, the antibacterial agents are hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxyl instead of iodine.

Most normal honey has varying levels of hydrogen peroxide, but Medihoney specifically uses Manuka honey, which also contains methylglyoxyl. This helps it to fight a wider range of bacteria strains. Visit our complete review of Medihoney Gel for more information.

B&W Ointment

Burns and wounds ointment

Burns and Wounds (B&W) Ointment is a honey-based dressing used as an alternative burn treatment in Amish communities.

A range of anti-pain and anti-inflammatory ingredients, including aloe, is mixed with honey and beeswax to provide fast relief from minor to medium burns.

Although it has not been tested extensively, several scientific studies showed it to be an effective burn treatment. I have also used this product personally with good results, read here about my experience with B&W Ointment.

    Which Product is Best For Me?

    1. For internal injuries that don't break the skin, like bruises and swelling, Traumeel Ointment or T-Relief are the best options for quick healing and pain relief.
    2. For infected wounds, ulcers, slow-healing wounds, or cuts and scrapes in general, use Iodosorb Gel and Medihoney Gel. Both suppress bacteria and speed the healing process.
    3. For first and second degree burns, B&W Ointment provides an effective alternative to hospital treatment.

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