Sentire Med: Company Review

Sentire Med is a small, family-owned, American company based in New Jersey. Originally designing and manufacturing hearing aids, Sentire Med saw an opportunity for a new product line in the electric wheelchair industry. Recently, lightweight electric wheelchairs have become extremely popular for those with impaired mobility as technology and innovation have made the bulky mobility devices of the past obsolete.

Their original model, the Forza D09, beat out the competition in almost every category to become the best selling and most highly rated electric wheelchair on Amazon. Due to the success of their original model, a plethora of copycats popped up selling counterfeit products with new logos photoshopped onto the same pictures.

Companies like Porto Mobility, Mobility Synergies, OPIB, Bangeran, Wisging, EBEI, and more are poor-quality imposters that blur the line on copyright laws to trick consumers into thinking they are getting a quality, American product.

With their latest models, the FCX and the FCXL (Lift), Sentire Med is again setting a high bar for what is possible in an electric wheelchair. Both wheelchairs come with a full set of accessories (cup holder, arm bag, etc) specifically designed to attach comfortably on the chair. The FCXL (Lift) is also the first folding electric wheelchairs to offer a seat lift for limited-mobility adults who need some help standing up out of the chair.

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FCX Wheelchair

I am extremely interested in purchasing your FCX model wheelchair. I understand that medicare does not list a Code for Folding/Portable Wheelchairs so I assume that Medicare will not assist me in obtaining one. Am I correct? That is not a deal breaker because at this point in time, it is the make and model that I think is the best fit for me. I was hoping to get by for less than $2,500.
I do have another question however, The specifications state that the seat with and the total width of the unit are the same value; how can that be since the arm rest support is outside the seat cushion?
Thank you in advance for your response to my query. I hope to make my decision soon.
This is a great article.