T-Relief Ointment for Muscle and Joint Pain

T-Relief claims to be an alternative to Traumeel, and it has more concentrated ingredients and a wider range of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

It is a newer product marketed in the USA because the German company Heel Inc that makes Traumeel is discontinuing their product line in the United States.

The original product can still be found on Amazon, but T-Relief has stepped in to take Traumeel’s vacancy. Since T-Relief is a new product, I was not able to find any scientific studies that test its efficacy. This does not mean that it is a bad product. The ingredients in T-Relief are very similar to Traumeel, and they probably work similarly.

Based on the available evidence for Traumeel, I would stay away from the pills that you swallow because they have not been effective in clinical trials. There is a good chance that T-Relief ointment is just as effective as Traumeel.

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Traumeel was more effective at bruise healing than T-relief

I am disappointed in T-relief for it doesn't clear up a bruise like Traumeel did so well. Traumeel quickly relieved pain and seemed to magically remove bruise color in short time. T-relief had done neither so far for me.