Long Term Wound Care

Medihoney Gel for Wound Care

Is Medihoney Gel an Effective Wound Treatment Option?

Medihoney is an all natural wound care product that helps you heal faster and is proven to fight off infections, including MRSA. We take you inside Medihoney to learn how it works, when to use it, and how it stands up against other products.

Iodosorb Gel for Wounds

How to Use Iodosorb Gel Ointment to Heal Wounds

Iodosorb gel is a next-generation iodine hydrogel used to heal slow-healing wounds like venous stasis ulcers, pressure sores, diabetic foot ulcers, and more.

Optifoam dressing for wounds

How to Use Optifoam Dressings for Wounds

Optifoam is an advanced wound dressing that absorbs large amounts of liquid while keeping the wound sterile to speed the healing process.

T-Relief Ointment for Bruises and Sprains

T-Relief Ointment for Muscle and Joint Pain

T-Relief claims to be an alternative to Traumeel, and it has more concentrated ingredients and a wider range of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is used to treat muscle and joint pain, it has anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Traumeel Ointment, Iodosorb Gel, Medihoney Gel, B&W Ointment, and Penetrex for Wound Treatment and Pain Relief

The 5 Best Wound Care Ointments and Gels

We examine the best ointments and gels that speed healing and reduce pain in soft tissue injuries including cuts, bruises, burns, and chronic pain.

Traumeel Ointment for Soft Tissue Injuries

Traumeel Ointment for Pain Relief

Traumeel stands apart from over-the-counter pain medications because it actually speeds wound healing in addition to pain relief. It can be used for bruises, swelling, strains, and more.