First Responder Equipment

Leatherman wave multitool for sale

Leatherman Wave - A Multitool for Daily Life

By incorporating 17 different tools into its design, the Leatherman Wave greatly lowers the odds of ever being without the right tool, not just for first aid, but for ANY job.

Leatherman wave pliers

The Best Full-Sized Leatherman Multitools – The Wave, Rebar, Wingman, and Sidekick

Each full-sized multitool is still centered on the characteristic Leatherman knife and pliers design, but they have different peripheral tools to accommodate users with different lifestyles and needs.

Leatherman raptor shears, X Shears, and Disposable Shears

The Leatherman Raptor vs X Shears vs Disposable Trauma Shears

Whether you work in a hospital, in an ambulance, or on the battlefield, a good pair of trauma shears is an essential part of your equipment.

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