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AED Cabinet in Airport

AED Wall Cabinet Recommendations and Regulations

Installing a system of AEDs can be complicated, but paying attention to the key safety requirements makes the task simpler.

Motorized chair for sale

Motorized Wheelchair Options – A Complete Buyers Guide

The best motorized wheelchair can mean different things to different people, but everyone needs the same essentials- having their needs met with a comfortable chair at a reasonable price.

Medicare for Electric wheelchairs and scooters

Medicare Options for Electric Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs

If you receive Medicare benefits, you may be able to get 80% of the costs covered after you pay your yearly deductible.

How to use a Littmann Stethoscope

How to Use a Stethoscope

Medical professionals use stethoscopes as one of the first diagnostic tools when examining patients, but they are also sophisticated listening devices that can be used to characterize problems in the heart and lungs. To help you perfect your skill with a stethoscope, we have pulled together some of the best resources available including audio-visual lessons, drills, and quizzes on heart and lung pathology.

Leatherman Super Tool 300 vs Surge

Leatherman Surge vs Leatherman Super Tool 300

Buying the right multi tool can be difficult with so many options available, so we compare two models from the popular brand, Leatherman. The Leatherman Surge and the Leatherman Super Tool 300 are heavy-duty multi tools that have more tools with less compromise than smaller versions like the Wave and Rebar.

Medical tape for emergencies

Re Factor Tactical Cloth Trauma Tape

As a first responder, part of the job is taking vitals and assessing the situation. In order to make the job easier, Re Factor Tactical makes a 2 inch wide cloth trauma tape printed with slots for writing in vital signs and notes.

Littmann stethoscopes comparison

The Best Littmann Stethoscopes - Comparison Guide

Littmann stethoscopes are the best on the market, so we compare their top models to help you choose the best Littmann stethoscope for your career.

Lightweight Portable Electric Wheelchairs for Sale

The Best Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs for Sale

Finding the right electric wheelchair for sale can be difficult and time consuming. We give you all the information you need to make informed choices about the right lightweight electric wheelchair for your needs. 

Leatherman Wave vs Leatherman Rebar vs Leatherman Wingman vs Leatherman Sidekick

The Best Full-Sized Leatherman Multi Tools – The Wave, Rebar, Wingman, and Sidekick

Each full-sized multi tool is still centered on the characteristic Leatherman knife and pliers design, but they have different peripheral tools to accommodate users with different lifestyles and needs.

X Shears, Leatherman raptor shears, and Disposable Shears

X Shears vs the Leatherman Raptor vs Disposable Trauma Shears

In life-threatening emergencies, you need a reliable pair of trauma shears to expose the wound as quickly as possible. We compare the 3 best trauma shears available today.

Ratts tourniquet to stop bleeding

RATS Tourniquet: Rapid Application Tourniquet System

The RATS tourniquet uses elastic strength to stop blood flow instead of the windlass system, used by other models like the SOFT T Wide and CAT.

Gluture cyanoacrylate surgical glue

GLUture Skin Glue – Combining Dermabond with Vetbond Surgical Glue

GLUture surgical skin glue combines 60% Dermabond with 40% Vetbond, and as other skin glues, work best on thin cuts with smooth edges.

Electric Mobility Scooters for Sale

The Best Electric Mobility Scooters for Adults

Electric scooters can help limited-mobility adults reclaim parts of their lives that once seemed unreachable. We chose our favorite electric mobility scooters based on their superior range, comfort, ease of use, and customer support.

Hurricane preparedness

How to Prepare for a Hurricane if You Cannot Evacuate

During a hurricane, anything can happen, but rescue efforts are usually only days away. A few simple items can help rescuers locate you and keep you alive until they arrive.

Soft t wide and cat tourniquet holder

The 3 Most Recommended Tourniquet Holders

Tourniquets need to be accessible so they can be deployed immediately when needed. Tourniquet holders keep your tourniquet within easy reach so you're always ready.

Emergency or mylar blanket

How to Use Mylar Blankets to Stop Hypothermia

Mylar blankets can reflect up to 90% of body heat back to the wearer. These blankets are especially useful in a portable first aid kit because they take up almost no space.

CPR Dummy for First Aid Training

The 5 Best CPR Dummies for CPR Training

Find the CPR dummy that's right to train your class with this in-depth buying guide for every type of dummy.

CPR Pocket Masks for a First Aid Kit

The Benefits of Using a CPR Mask

Personal protective equipment should not be underestimated.

3M N95 Respirator

Do N95 Masks and Respirators Really Work?

If you work in a dusty environment, you may already wear a mask, but air pollution is a growing problem in the modern world. N95 masks trap pollution, dust, allergens, and other fine particles linked to chronic respiratory problems. Protecting your lungs with a respirator now will decrease your risk of developing severe medical conditions like asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and COPD.

Surgi-lock 2oc - A Dermabond Surgical Glue Equivalent

Surgi-Lock 2oc - A Dermabond Equivalent

Surgi-Lock 2oc is the veterinary equivalent of Dermabond surgical glue. Chemically it is exactly the same, but it is cheaper and comes in a reusable bottle.

Optifoam dressing for wounds

How to Use Optifoam Dressings for Wounds

Optifoam is an advanced wound dressing designed for wounds with heavy drainage.

Dermabond: Surgical Skin Glue for Emergency Stitches

How to Use Dermabond Surgical Skin Glue

Dermabond (2-octyl-cyanoacrylate) is one of the only surgical glues that is FDA approved for use on humans.

Vetbond: Surgical Skin Glue for Emergency Stitches

How to Use Vetbond Tissue Adhesive

Vetbond surgical glue is marketed for use on animals, but as a tool in first aid it does everything from protecting small irritable cuts like torn cuticles to substituting for stitches in larger cuts where bleeding needs to be stopped quickly. Vetbond is indispensable in any first aid kit or cabinet.

B&W Ointment to heal burns

B&W Ointment for Burn Treatment

Studies have shown B&W Ointment to be an effective treatment for burns and soft tissue injuries.

Performing CPR with a human dummy

How to Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know about performing CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

T-Relief Ointment for Bruises and Sprains

T-Relief Ointment for Muscle and Joint Pain

T-Relief claims to be an alternative to Traumeel, and it has more concentrated ingredients and a wider range of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Medihoney Gel for Wound Care

Is Medihoney Gel an Effective Wound Treatment Option?

Medihoney is an all natural wound care product that helps you heal faster and is proven to fight off infections, including MRSA. We take you inside Medihoney to learn how it works, when to use it, and how it stands up against other products.

Iodosorb Gel for Wounds

How to Use Iodosorb Gel Ointment to Heal Wounds

Iodosorb gel is a next-generation iodine hydrogel used slow-healing wounds like venous stasis ulcers, pressure sores, diabetic foot ulcers, and more.

Traumeel Ointment for Soft Tissue Injuries

Traumeel Ointment for Pain Relief

Traumeel stands apart from over-the-counter pain medications because it actually speeds wound healing in addition to pain relief.

Puracol Plus and Puracol Ag antimicrobial silver dressing

How to Use Puracol Wound Dressings

Although Puracol is one of the most expensive long-term wound care products on the market, it provides advantages not seen in other wound care products.

Traumeel Ointment, Iodosorb Gel, Medihoney Gel, B&W Ointment, and Penetrex for Wound Treatment and Pain Relief

The 5 Best Wound Care Ointments and Gels

We examine the best ointments and gels that speed healing and reduce pain in soft tissue injuries including cuts, bruises, burns, and chronic pain.

First aid for burns

How to Treat Different Types of Burns

Learn how to treat, step by step, different types of burns, such as: thermal, chemical and electrical burns.

How to stop a cut from bleeding

How to Stop Bleeding

Did you know that hemostatic agents speed up the natural blood clotting process? Learn about hemostatic agents and other first aid items you can use to stop bleeding.

Zinc Lozenges for Colds

How to Use Zinc Lozenges to Prevent the Common Cold

Can zinc help prevent the common cold? When zinc lozenges are taken soon after noticing cold symptoms appear, the severity and length of the cold can be greatly reduced.

Automated External Portable Defibrillator or AED

The 4 Best Portable Defibrillators and Which to Buy

According to the American Red Cross, improved training and access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs) could save 50,000 lives each year. We compare the best portable defibrillators for sale so that you can buy the one that fits your needs.

Cyanoacrylate Surgical Skin Glue for First Aid

How to Use Cyanoacrylate Surgical Skin Glues for First Aid

Surgical glues can be used as easy, do-it-yourself stitches. Learn everything you need to know about surgical or skin glues in this article.

How to Choose Your Portable First Aid Kit Bag

How to Choose a First Aid Kit Bag

The first aid bag needs to meet a couple criteria: it should be just large enough to hold everything and it should be small enough to fit where you want to keep it. Learn more about first aid bags in this article.

Every Injury Has a Medical Tape

5 Different Types of Medical Tapes and How to Use Them

Medical tape is something that everyone uses, but there are so many kinds it's difficult to know which is right for the situation. We put medical tapes to the test so you can choose the most suitable to your needs.

Sterile Gauze: A Fundamental Tool to Stop Bleeding and Prevent Infection

How to Use Sterile Gauze to Stop Bleeding and Prevent Infection

Sterile gauze is used to stop bleeding from small to medium cuts, burns, scrapes, and other wounds.

How to Make a Practical First Aid Kit for the Everyday and the Extreme

How to Create a First Aid Kit for the Everyday and the Extreme

A comprehensive article with recommendations for building your own personalized First Aid Kit that is useful on a daily basis, not just during emergencies.

Povidone Iodine (Betadine): A Powerful Antiseptic and Water Purifier

How to Use Povidone Iodine (Betadine) as an Antiseptic

The versatility of povidone iodine (Betadine) for use in first aid makes it one of the best antiseptics for a first aid kit or go bag. Besides being an antiseptic for wound care, povidone iodine can safely be used to purify water.

How Chest Seals/Occlusive Dressings Can Save Your Life

Chest Seals vs Occlusive Dressings: What's the Difference?

Chest seals and occlusive dressings are used to treat deep cuts and puncture wounds in the chest, abdomen, and neck.

What is an Israeli Bandage and How to Use It

The Best Ways to Apply an Israeli Bandage

Israeli bandages are designed to quickly stop bleeding in emergency situations. Learn different ways of applying the Israeli bandage on different parts of the body and more.

Splinting Bone Fractures with a SAM Splint

How to Use a Sam Splint to Treat Bone Fractures

The SAM splint is a versatile, lightweight, portable, and reusable splint that can be used to treat broken bones, sprains, and soft tissue injuries.

CAT Tourniquet vs SOFT T Wide Tourniquet

SOFT T Tourniquet vs CAT Tourniquet

SOFT T Wide and CAT tourniquets are two of the most prominent tourniquets on the market, and they have both been extensively tested in the field. We take you inside the CAT and SOFT T Wide to help you make the best purchase for your needs.

Quikclot, Celox, and XGauze to Stop Bleeding

Hemostatic Agents - Quikclot vs Celox vs XGauze

Hemostatic agents help control bleeding by speeding up the body's own natural clotting process, learn about the best hemostatic agents available today.