Nitrile Gloves vs Latex Gloves

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Nitrile gloves are latex free, disposable rubber gloves that prevent disease transmission through blood and other body fluids.

Nitrile gloves are less elastic than latex gloves, but they are hypoallergenic, unlike latex.

Nitrile gloves are stronger and more puncture resistant than vinyl gloves. Protective gloves should be worn whenever you come in contact with another person’s body fluids. While your skin will protect you from bloodborne diseases, any tiny cut or break in the skin can let a disease into your body.

How to Use:

After using disposable gloves, they need to be taken off the right way in order to maintain body substance isolation.


  • Latex free
  • Protects against bloodborne diseases
  • Ideal for medical use
  • Gloves should be removed correctly

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