The Best Scissors for a Portable First Aid Kit

Surgical or medical scissors for your first aid kit

Every EMT and paramedic carries a pair of trauma scissors in their first aid kit bag, but trauma scissors are bulky. If you’re not cutting heavy cloth off trauma victims on a daily basis, you can trade heavy-duty, specialized trauma scissors for a pair of folding scissors that will fit much more conveniently inside a small first aid kit.

How to Use:

Scissors are needed to cut gauze and SAM splints to the right shape and size, open packaging, cut clothing off patients, and cut medical tapes or wraps along with other normal uses.

Leatherman Raptor and Other Trauma Shears:

Although scissors are great for everyday use, during a real emergency you're going to want trauma shears. Trauma shears are the tanks of the scissor world, able to cut through anything and everything standing between you and treating your patient. For even more functionality, Leatherman's Raptor shears go above and beyond with 6 different tools for extractions, burns, and trauma.


  1. Many multitools have a pair of scissors built in. Check out our article on Leatherman multitools to find out more.

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