The Benefits of Using a CPR Mask

Maybe you think that a CPR pocket mask is a waste of space in a first aid kit. I can always just do mouth-to-mouth in an emergency, right?

Technically, you’re not wrong, but personal protective equipment should not be underestimated. During CPR the chest compressions squeeze the stomach, and it’s common for the patient to vomit by reflex. CPR pocket masks have a one-way valve that stops vomit, blood, and body fluids in their tracks, keeping your mouth isolated and vomit-free.

For a travel or portable first aid kit, a CPR mask is probably unnecessary, but a foldable plastic barrier sheet takes up almost no space and provides the same function for a single use. Medical professionals and those who have a fully equipped house bag should consider having a CPR mask.


  1. If you do not have a barrier device and need to perform CPR, compressions only CPR is recommended, especially if you are not trained to give breaths.

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