Long Term Wound Care

Iodosorb Gel

Iodosorb Gel for Wounds

Iodosorb is the latest iteration of iodine technology in wound healing. It is most often used for infected wounds that are difficult to heal including venous stasis ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores, and more.

Medihoney Gel

Medihoney Gel for Wound Care

This tasty salve has been used to treat wounds and speed healing as far back as ancient Egypt. It fell by the wayside in recent history as we discovered a plethora of powerful antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.

Skin Protectant

3M Cavilon No String Barrier Film

Skin protectants used in long-term wound care prevent maceration caused by dressings and gels that speed wound healing.

Traumeel Ointment

Traumeel Ointment for Soft Tissue Injuries

Traumeel stands apart from over-the-counter pain medications because it actually speeds wound healing in addition to pain relief.