B&W (Burns and Wounds) Ointment

B&W Ointment to heal burns

B&W ointment uses all natural ingredients to help soft tissue heal faster. Studies have shown B&W Ointment to be an effective treatment for burns and soft tissue injuries.

Burns and How to Treat Them

First aid for burns

Learn how to treat, step by step, different types of burns, such as: thermal, chemical and electrical burns. We also explain you about the Rule of Nines and several other considerations you should keep in mind when helping someone suffering from burns.

Medical Tapes

Every Injury Has a Medical Tape

Choosing medical tape may seem simple, but medical tapes are designed for a plethora of uses throughout medicine. We put medical tapes to the test so you can purchase the product most suitable to your needs.

Optifoam Wound Dressing

Optifoam dressing for wounds

Optifoam is an advanced wound dressing designed for wounds with heavy drainage. It absorbs large amounts of liquid while keeping the wound bed moist and sterile.

Puracol Wound Dressings

Puracol Plus and Puracol Ag antimicrobial silver dressing

Although Puracol is one of the most expensive long-term wound care products on the market, it provides advantages not seen in other wound care products.

Wound Care Ointments and Gels

Traumeel Ointment, T-Relief, Iodosorb Gel, Medihoney Gel, and B&W Ointment for Wound Treatment and Pain Relief

Cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns can hurt like crazy and take forever to heal. We examine 5 of the best ointments and gels that can eliminate infection, speed healing, and reduce pain in all kinds of soft tissue injuries from burns to bruises to cuts.