Chest Seals and Occlusive Dressings

How Chest Seals/Occlusive Dressings Can Save Your Life

Chest seals and occlusive dressings are used to treat deep cuts and puncture wounds in the chest, abdomen, and neck by making an airtight seal around the wound.

Cyanoacrylate Surgical Glues for First Aid

Dermabond and Vetbond: Surgical Skin Glue for Emergency Stitches

For many injuries, surgical glues can be used as easy, do-it-yourself stitches that are immediately available regardless of where you happen to be.

Dermabond Surgical Skin Glue

Dermabond: Surgical Skin Glue for Emergency Stitches

Dermabond (2-octyl-cyanoacrylate) is one of the only surgical glues that is FDA approved for use on humans. It comes in sterile, single-use applicators and is the glue of choice for surgeons closing incisions after an operation.

Hemostatic Agents - Quikclot, Celox, and XGauze

Quikclot, Celox, and XGauze to Stop Bleeding

The hemostatic agents Quikclot and Celox are tried and true when it comes to emergency wound care, but XGauze is a new product that may outstrip them both.

How to Stop Bleeding

How to stop a cut from bleeding

Did you know that hemostatic agents speed up the natural blood clotting process? Learn about hemostatic agents and other first aid items you can use to stop bleeding.

Israeli Bandages

What is an Israeli Bandage and How to Use It

Israeli bandages are designed to quickly stop bleeding in emergency situations. Learn different ways of applying the Israeli bandage on different parts of the body and more.

Medical Tapes

Every Injury Has a Medical Tape

Choosing a medical tape may seem simple, but different medical tapes are designed for different uses. We put medical tapes to the test so you can choose the most suitable to your needs.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves: A First-Line Defense Against Infection

Nitrile gloves are a latex free, disposable rubber glove that prevent disease transmission through blood or other body fluids.

SOFT T Tourniquet - Wide

CAT Tourniquet vs SOFT T Wide Tourniquet

Tourniquets are used to stop uncontrollable bleeding in the arms or legs. If a major artery gets severed you can bleed out in less than a minute, so speed is everything.

Sterile Gauze

Sterile Gauze: A Fundamental Tool to Stop Bleeding and Prevent Infection

Sterile gauze is used to stop bleeding from small to medium cuts, burns, scrapes, and other wounds. It also protects the area from dirt and debris that can cause a wound to get infected.

Surgi-Lock 2oc Instant Tissue Adhesive

Surgi-lock 2oc Skin Adhesive

Surgi-Lock 2oc is the veterinary equivalent of Dermabond. Chemically it is exactly the same, but it is cheaper and comes in a reusable bottle.

Vetbond Instant Tissue Adhesive

Vetbond: Surgical Skin Glue for Emergency Stitches

Vetbond (n-butyl-cyanoacrylate) was developed to close surgical incisions after veterinary procedures. It is very similar to Dermabond, but at a fraction of the cost.